Harmony – the music school

  Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Ms. Sandra Oberoi envisioned a school that offers balanced music instruction to its students; and Harmony—the music school was born.

  What once was a little school with just three students taking singing lessons, is now one of the best music schools in the country with 400 students currently taking voice, piano, guitar, violin and drums lessons.

  Over 2000 students have studied here over the years!

New Batches

An Opportunity to Sing with Harmony Chorus

Love to Sing?

Always hoped to get singing lessons? Have a child who is interested in music? Want to sing in different styles in a healthy way? Want to take your music to the next level-perhaps appear for international singing exams? Dream of singing with the award winning Harmony Chorus directed by Sandra Oberoi? Well, we are starting new batches at Harmony-The Music School this June! Don't miss your opportunity to train with some of the best music educators! Contact us for more details and to register.
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Comprehensive Musicianship Programme


Message From Our Alumni

“The guidance Ms. Sandra gave and the inspiration that I drew from her helped me a lot in my own music practice, teaching, training choirs, and ultimately motivated me to continue my formal education in music.”

Marcus Daniel

Masters in Music Education at University of Maryland, USA
“From support for music competitions and exams to colleges, Harmony always offered a helping hand so that I could achieve my dreams!”

Shubhangi Das

Pursuing Bachelors in Vocal Performance at the National University of Singapore
“I am so blessed to have attended the Harmony—the music school.”

Chloe Chelli

Pursuing Bachelors in Music Education at Bob Jones University, USA
“Today, I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t be where I am without the Harmony —the music school, and the wonderful people who have made it the success it is.”

Anezka Kurian

Pursuing Bachelors in Music Therapy at Temple University, USA
“I could never have got to where I am today without the endless support from my teachers and friends at Harmony.”

Priya Radhakrishnan

Pursuing Bachelors in Music at Oxford University, UK
“It was so evident that my voice had become better during the course of my studies at Harmony The school has been well -disciplined and keen on providing quality education and workshops for the students.”

Alisha Thayil

Pursuing Bachelors in Vocal Pedagogy at London College of Music, UK
“Harmony is a place where students and faculty are like family; everyone support each other and help one another take big strides towards their dreams. I’ve seen myself change in so many ways since I started here.”

Aarya Ganesan

Pursuing Bachelors in Music Composition, Berklee College of Music, USA
Sandra Oberoi

About the Founder

Sandra Oberoi

Sandra Oberoi gave her first public solo performance at the age of three. Over the years she has performed around India, the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, Russia, Canada and Sweden, spreading the message of hope through her songs, challenging people to use their talents for the greater good and for the glory of God. Sandra is equipped with a Masters in Music Education and Voice from Northwestern University, USA. She has earned the recognition of being the only voice teacher in India to be endorsed by the prestigious National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA, and has earned a Certificate in Figure Proficiency from Estill Voice International-an organization committed to the scientific study of healthy vocal production. She is an active member of the International Society for Music Education, an initiative by the United Nations, and the International Arts Movement based in New York City, and is also a guest lecturer at the University for the Nations in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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