Sandra Oberoi

Founder | Curriculum Developer | Voice | Artistic Director – The Harmony Chorus

Sandra Oberoi gave her first public solo performance at the age of three. Over the years she has performed around India, the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, Russia, Canada and Sweden, spreading the message of hope through her songs, challenging people to use their talents for the greater good and for the glory of God. Sandra is equipped with a Masters in Music Education and Voice from Northwestern University, USA. She has earned the recognition of being the only voice teacher in India to be endorsed by the prestigious National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA, and has earned a Certificate in Figure Proficiency from Estill Voice International-an organization committed to the scientific study of healthy vocal production. She is an active member of the International Society for Music Education, an initiative by the United Nations, and the International Arts Movement based in New York City, and is also a guest lecturer at the University for the Nations in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Kezvi Neihu, Dip. LCM

Head of Academics | Violin | Voice | Theory

I’m a music educator/I teach music because, through music, I want my students to have an enduring love, enjoyment and understanding of the performing arts, and to develop critical thinking skills that are necessary to thrive in today’s challenging world. This in turn will help them become sensible performers and independent life long learners.

Paul Silas


Music is my inborn passion and I feel my music is never complete without passing the knowledge to another who has the same drive as mine. 

Shakthi Sam


My vision is to teach students who want to learn to play by ear or with a more theoretical and technical approach. To inspire new ideas, exploring rudimental studies and implementing them creatively, Playing techniques, Grooves and different styles of drumming concepts which can shed some light in the mind of these young budding drummers

Mercy Kurian


It’s the desire to enable and the desire to impart that drives me to teach. And I’m blessed by teaching, for as it’s said umpteen times before I learn the most when I teach.

Rokuono Neihu

Piano | Theory | Accompanist

I teach music because it is my passion and the opportunity to connect to a child’s imagination through this beautiful art is perhaps one of the best feeling in the world !

Karen Carvalho, Dip. ABRSM

Piano | Theory | Accompanist

Music is a special joy and has added so much beauty to my life. Being a music teacher gives me the chance to share this gift with others and enrich their lives!

Joseph Jeswanth Y.


Music is one of the fine arts created by God. It’s a wonderful gift to mankind if used creatively. It’s a medium to convey our emotions and it helps us to release our stress which we experience some times in our daily lives. Good form of Music connects us to our soul and spirit and is the reflection of God’s love. It’s a blessing to learn and experience music where many don’t have the privilege. Therefore it’s a blessing for me to practice music in my life and a privilege to share and bless others in the coming generation with the talent of music. 

Grace Maureen


Music has always been my passion. It can impact our lives in many different ways. Music also help us both in our physical and psychological well-being. I teach Music because I want to make a difference in somebody’s life. Everyone deserves to experience the joy of Music.

Roshni Raghavan


The vision is to learn and enable a student to find their voice that allows them to grow as an artist. Every student has great potential as a musician and the goal is to create an environment for them to explore endless opportunities in the field.

Khiyan Vallikad, Dip. ABRSM

Piano | Theory

Music and the piano have always been a part of my life from a very young age, and learning it has always been a great tool of self-expression, participation and fun. In today’s increasingly indoor environment, learning Classical Music is a healthy means to develop young minds, and to stimulate creativity. I chose to teach music after some years working as a lawyer. Having taught piano part-time during college, I soon discovered it to be my true vocation – it is after all the most universal language of them all!

Rhea Viju Samuel


Music is powerful, yet few know of its true reach. From a shy, little girl who loved to sing, Harmony has brought out a side of me that had been hidden for most of my life. It is now the biggest part of my life and affecting change through music education in other minds just like mine is the goal that I strive to achieve.