Anezka Kurian

Pursuing Bachelors in Music Therapy at Temple University, USA

Throughout your life, there are certain experiences that take place and people you meet who change the course of your life forever. Today, I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t be where I am without the Harmony —the music school, and the wonderful people who have made it the success it is. I joined Harmony around 9 years ago, and through this school, I grew as both a singer and a person, with people to encourage and guide me every step of the way. All the concerts, events, exams and competitions we took part in allowed me to gain the confidence necessary to pursue a degree in Music. Had it not been for Ms. Sandi, who guided me with my audition pieces every single day, read my personal admission essays again and again, and calmed me down when I was stressed and crying over my future, Mr. Ryan, who tirelessly helped with my audition recordings, Mr. Kezevi, who stayed at the school after hours to help me prepare for my Music Theory entrance exam, and all the other faculty members, who provided endless amounts of support and encouragement, I wouldn’t currently be studying at Temple University, pursuing a degree in Music Therapy with Vocal Concentration. It would be impossible for me to eloquently describe just how grateful I am that I walked into Harmony those 9 years ago, because I know that I wouldn’t be where I am now, nor would I be the person I am today, without it.

Chloe Chelli

Pursuing Bachelors in Music Education at Bob Jones University, USA

I am so blessed to have attended the Harmony—the music school. Ms. Sandra Oberoi is one of the main reasons why I am pursuing a degree in Music Education at Bob Jones University, USA. Her caring and guiding hands fostered a love of music that blossomed under her care. Lessons from her and Mr. Kezevi challenged me to think critically and to become a well-rounded musician. I am very thankful for the roles they have played in my growth as a musician.

Aarya Ganesan

Pursuing Bachelors in Music Composition, Berklee College of Music, USA

I’ve always believed in pushing myself beyond my abilities. It isn’t comfortable when the bar is set too high, but it’s always worth the rush. This was why I decided to apply to Berklee College of Music – which is as ambitious as it gets. Fast forward to a few months later and here I am, packing my bags and going over the schedule for my first semester at Berklee. As I look back at what it took to get here, I am filled with gratitude for Harmony—the music school. My time here was filled with joy and excitement, thanks to the positive energy of Ms. Sandra. Harmony is a place where students and faculty are like family; everyone support each other and help one another take big strides towards their dreams. I’ve seen myself change in so many ways since I started here. As a musician, I overcame stage fright and gained the confidence to perform in front of large crowds. As a person, I learnt to take criticism in the right spirit. After all, my mentors are interested in nothing but my growth and improvement. Yesterday, Berklee was my dream school. Today, that dream is a reality. For helping me get here, I will always be grateful to everyone at Harmony.

Shubhangi Das

Pursuing Bachelors in Vocal Performance at the National University of Singapore

Harmony made me realize what my true passion was: music. Every single teacher at Harmony, especially, Ms. Sandra encouraged me to think beyond the norm and work hard to achieve my goals. From support for music competitions and exams to colleges, Harmony always offered a helping hand so that I could achieve my dreams! Thank you, Harmony!

Alisha Thayil

Pursuing Bachelors in Vocal Pedagogy at London College of Music, UK

Harmony has transformed me completely. Being a person trained in Carnatic music, it was also my dream to learn Western singing in its purest form. This dream was fulfilled when I started taking classes with Sandra Ma’am. I was truly inspired by her way of teaching and the encouragement she provides to her students to excel in their musical abilities. I got introduced to a variety of styles which wouldn’t have been possible if I were anywhere else. It was so evident that my voice had become better during the course of my studies at Harmony The school has been well -disciplined and keen on providing quality education and workshops for the students. Sandra Ma’am’s interest to learn new things and the effort she puts in was an eye-opener for me and it encouraged me to follow my childhood dream of being a Voice Instructor. Words are not sufficient to thank her for the help she did during my admission processes. She is definitely my role model who I look up to. I should say that my LCM studies wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t met Sandra Ma’am and the Harmony school.

Priya Radhakrishnan

Pursuing Bachelors in Music at Oxford University, UK

For five years, going to Harmony was what I looked forward to the most after a long day of school. At first, I thought I was just exploring my passion for music. I did not expect to come so far in the field. Harmony and Ms. Sandra have been instrumental through this process. Classes and choir rehearsals were a place for all of us to come together, put aside our differences and engage in music wholeheartedly. I didn’t just learn how to sing or compose or pass a music theory exam; I also learnt how impactful music can be. I could never have got to where I am today without the endless support from my teachers and friends at Harmony.

Marcus Daniel

Masters in Music Education at University of Maryland, USA

I always looked forward to my weekly lessons with Ms. Sandra Oberoi. I knew that there were certain flaws in my singing and she always tried to tackle the root of the problem. She had energy and enthusiasm in every class. She was happy to work with me on songs that I had composed, and this made the classes meaningful and relevant. Being a professional pianist, I needed a teacher with the musical knowledge level that I could engage with and I was certainly not disappointed. She did not stop learning herself and would often show me the latest book she had ordered and was reading. The guidance she gave and the inspiration that I drew from her helped me a lot in my own music practice, teaching, training choirs, and ultimately motivated me to continue my formal education in music.